Bocce at Brighton Pointe

With two 90-foot courts and a spectators' pavilion, Kensington Golf & Country Club provides an ideal venue for bocce players. Recently completed, the courts are adjacent to our outdoor dining venue, Brighton Pointe, and the Pool.
Today's bocce is a ball sport derived from a game played in the Roman Empire. Most closely resembling bowling, bocce may be played by two players or two teams of up to four players each.

Bocce Ball can be played competitively or played just for friendly fun. No matter your level of competition, the rules of Bocce Ball are relatively basic and allow you to start playing and enjoying this wonderful game within minutes. The use of the Bocce Ball Courts will be complimentary to our Membership during non-league hours.


Open Play Reservations

Click on the tab at the top of the page "Reserve a Bocce Court" to schedule time to play Bocce.
For questions regarding Bocce Open Play reservations, please contact our Director of Court Sports, Jared Kalpin, | (239)649-7862

Kensington Bocce League

Click on the link at the top of the page "Bocce League Play" for more information about the Kensington Bocce League, including : Bocce League Rules, Club Policy, Team rosters, Seasonal schedules and Guidelines for Umpires and Captains.
For questions regarding the Kensington Bocce League Bocce, please feel free to to email any Member of the Kensington Bocce League Committee, as follows:

  • Tony Marano;  (Coordinator)
  • Jackie Ressa;  (Player and team Registration)
  • Beth O’Brien; (Equipment and Umpire scheduling)
  • Chris Jones; (Treasurer)
  • Jolene Mirenna; (Scoring and Standings)
  • Prudy Demmler; (Equipment)
  • Russ Omer; (Playpass System)
  • Tony Panza; (Court Construction)